Is my Blog Copyrighted?

Some Bloggers put banners that blogs are results of creative works and thus they are copyrighted. Others put sentences such as “don’t just copy and paste”. Still others put names or blog titles on images they put on their blogs. The position of such marks varies.

They could be in the middle of the photos that not only they disturb the view but would also be totally preventing people from using them. Others put personal marks at the lower right or left of the photos that would still enable people to enjoy and admire the pictures.

For some reasons I follow different path.

First of all I hope that those fellow bloggers are consistent in their stances. By supporting blog copyright movements, they would also support the eradication of use of pirated materials, such as DVD movies, CDs, text-books, and hope they also remember to always give credit to people or sites that have inspired them.

Blog to me is more of a relatively free media that enable me to share what I got and encountered in life. I got a free storage for my postings and images, free blog name, free template. I got also free advice from hackers to improve the layout. I got a free shoutbox, free web counter and other free cool stuffs. However, only a few days back I put credit on the lower right of my page to show my gratitude to them.

To show gratitude, that’s one of the reasons as to why I still keep AdSense, the ads by Google, displayed proudly on my pages, despite the fact that the probability of blog-walkers to click the ads is dismal.

There’s nothing new under the sun. If I were the one who were blessed as the “inventor” of wisdom, as results of hours, days or years of observations and dialectic thinking, I didn’t really create it. The wisdom was there for hundred thousand years. I was just chosen to reveal it and share it with rest of the world. Hence, why should I copyright it?

It doesn’t mean that I reject completely all copy-righted materials. The point is that everything has its limit. We need to use our heart and mind to know the border-lines, which by the way can be different among different people, and is perfectly fine.

In the case of my blog, if you like the images that I shot in my posts, feel free to click them to get the full sizes, and do whatever you like with them. It’s completely personal choice to show your gratitude or not. I’m happy already if you find them useful.

If you like the “original” ideas in my blog, feel free to share it with others, with or without mentioning the source, as again it’s a personal choice. As for me, I hope that once in a while I will be blessed to be the chosen as inventor of wisdom that buried somewhere for years, and will always post “original” stuffs in my blog. Amen.

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