Love is rarely Blind

Love is a simple word with a very complex meaning, that even we try our best to explain it using all kind of expressions, chances that they are still not sufficient to reveal the “true” face of it. … lagi

The Colorful Pasar Jazz, Central Jakarta

After successfully getting out of the office at around 6.30 pm on Thursday, January 18, I drove directly to the Jakarta Arts Building where the event of Jazz Market 2007 was held. Traffic was not too bad. It took 50 minutes from my office at Jl Gatot Subroto to GKJ in Pasar Baru area. Not bad at all for those who know Jakarta’s traffic. … lagi

Busway Integrated Border Transportation Routes

If you stay in Bogor, Bekasi or Tangerang, then there are Busway Integrated Border Transportation Routes (APTB) to consider if you want to go to Jakarta or vise versa. In addition to connecting to Transjakarta to make them more economical, using APTB also sometimes more practical. … lagi

TransJakarta Busway Complete Routes

Here is the TransJakarta Busway Complete Routes for all corridors, which number now has reached 12 corridors, plus several other feeder routes. Initiated and inaugurated during the era of Governor Sutiyoso, Busway has become one of preferred public transportation services of the capital to which many people has relied on. … lagi

Finance Ministry Building, Central Jakarta

Location of Treasury Building is at Jl. Lapangan Banteng Timur No. 2, Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar sub-District. The building, formerly known as Het Groote Huis or Het Witte Huis, was founded on March 7, 1809 at the beginning of administration of Governor-General Daendels (1808-1811) as a palace in the center of the New Capital of Weltevreden. … lagi

BP7 Building

BP7 Building is located at Jl. Pejambon No. 2, Sub-District and District of Senen, Central Jakarta, which is currently owned by the State Secretariat of RI. Architect of BP7 Building that was built in the 1830s is Ir. J. Tromp, with Amsterdam School style. … lagi

Transportation in Jakarta

There are many options of Transportation in Jakarta. To visit tourist attractions in Jakarta, from out of town may fly to Soekarno-Hatta and Halim Perdanakusuma Airport. Cheap transport from Soekarno-Hatta is Damri Bus, available in all of the arrivals terminal. Another option is taking taxi. Train service from dan to airport may need another year to fully operate. … lagi

Jakarta Cathedral Church

Jakarta Cathedral Church is located in Jl. Katedral 7, Central Jakarta, right in front of the Istiqlal Mosque. Jakarta Cathedral Church, the largest Catholic church in Jakarta, is also known by the official name of Gereja Santa Perawan Diangkat ke Surga (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Church). … lagi

Temples in Jakarta

The post contains a number of travelogue and a full list of Temple in Jakarta, which are of interests to visit not only by their followers to pray, but also for anyone who wants to see and admire the Chinese cultural heritage with hundreds years of history. … lagi

Mosques in Jakarta

There are a lot ofMosque in Jakarta that can be visited, ranging from old simple mosques but loaded with interesting history to a large mosque with modern architecture, scattered in many places in the capital city. In addition as a place to worship, in large mosques there are convenient halls for wedding reception. … lagi

Museums in Jakarta

There are quite a lot of museums in Jakarta that I’ve visited, but still more museums that haven’t been touched. List of Museum in Jakarta below can serve as a reminder for me, and probably you, to take the time to visit all the remaining museums. … lagi