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Bu Kasur and Pak Kasur Tombs, Kaliori Banyumas

It was a coincidence that we stopped by to visit Tomb of Bu Kasur and Pak Kasur at Kaliori, Banyumas. It was because our interests aroused when seeing a Javanese-style pendopo surrounded by walls with spacious side yard, that is when driving towards the Cave of Virgin Mary through different access from the one we passed before. … more

Cave of Virgin Mary, Kaliori Banyumas

Not once or twice I had passed by in front of the turnoff to Cave of Virgin Mary at Kaliori, Banyumas (Gua Maria Kaliori). It’s been too many times, but it was just at that time that I brought some friends to visit there. This visit had happened rather long time ago, but I just got time to write it. Even so if there is a change hopefully to a much better direction. … more

Kronjo Fishing Pond, Tangerang Regency

I got a chance to stop by for a while at Kronjo Fishing Pond, Tangerang, on the way back to Jakarta after a visit to Pulau Cangkir. Although there was no nameplate there, the fishing ground was rather large with somewhat decent facilities, and can be one of the options for anglers who want to try a new atmosphere in Kronjo area. … more

Why You Should Start Using Waze

This article will probably keep you turning on Waze once you get into car, even to get to places you visit every day and have memorized the exact route. Hence keep reading until the end. For those who are still unfamiliar, Waze is a free navigation app as well as the largest loosely traffic-based community in the world. The app was officially acquired by Google in mid-June 2013, removing other potential buyers such as Apple, Facebook and Nokia, by paying USD 966 million or approximately Rp 10.2 trillion (source). … more

Adsense After First Paragraph of WordPress Post and Page, not in Attachment Image

This post shares guidance on how to install Google Adsense script after the first paragraph of WordPress post and page, but not in Attachment Image. The guideline is useful for blogs that featured multiple photos, with pages and posts long enough to display two or three ads. Post and page differences can be found in Difference between Post and Page. … more