Upside Down World, Bandung

Our visit to Upside Down World Bandung resort was due to seeing its name while looking at map of a hotel’s location where we were staying. The name is quite interesting, and the location is quite strategic in the area around Dago and Dipati Ukur, not far away from the hotel where we stay, so I intended to visit the place although not yet knew exactly what it looked like. … more

Gallery of Batik Banyumas Hadipriyanto

In an afternoon until late afternoon we were at Galeri Batik Hadipriyanto Banyumas, a famous batik shop at Jl Mruyung, Sudagaran, City of Banyumas. A few moments before we visited Museum Wayang Banyumas which is within the complex of the old government center of Banyumas region. The distance is only 500 meters if going through side-exit of the sub-district’s office. … more

Cave of Virgin Mary, Kaliori Banyumas

Not once or twice I had passed by in front of the turnoff to Cave of Virgin Mary at Kaliori, Banyumas (Gua Maria Kaliori). It’s been too many times, but it was just at that time that I brought some friends to visit there. This visit had happened rather long time ago, but I just got time to write it. Even so if there is a change hopefully to a much better direction. … more

Kronjo Fishing Pond, Tangerang Regency

I got a chance to stop by for a while at Kronjo Fishing Pond, Tangerang, on the way back to Jakarta after a visit to Pulau Cangkir. Although there was no nameplate there, the fishing ground was rather large with somewhat decent facilities, and can be one of the options for anglers who want to try a new atmosphere in Kronjo area. … more